Goulet Aviation Services

Aviation Consultant and Start-Up Specialist FOR HELICOPTER AND FIXED-WING OPERATIONS


What We Provide

Safety Audits on Behalf of Air Services Providing Onshore, Offshore, and Deep Water Helicopter Operations, and Commuter, Charter, and Seaplane Fixed-Wing Operations to Remote Locations, as well as FBOs, MROs, Executive Jet Operators.

Service List

A Safety Audit will evaluate and report on all the elements that place
operations and personnel at risk:

  • Helideck Inspections
    and Offshore Support Vessel Inspections to Annex 14 and CAP 437. Ensuring the safety and suitability of all Helidecks and Crew;
  • Airport and FBO Safety
    and Efficiency Evaluation – ensuring the pilots and ground support crew get the most of each airport environment and that they are not exposed to unnecessary risks; ensuring that an FBO is run safely and effectively for both the staff and the FBO clients;
  • Flight Operational Risk Management
    Setting procedures using base line operational data, operational expertise, and careful assessment of incident and safety reports; carrying out risk assessments to ensure the staff are aware of all possible hazards the consequences;
  • Executive Jet Operations
    Safety and Quality Evaluation – ensuring the pilots and ground support crew are not exposed to unnecessary risks; ensuring that your operation is being run safely and according to regulation;
  • Flight Operations Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures
    updating documents to reflect the reality of the operation as well as developing Standard Task Procedures for each step of the day-to-day operation;
  • Airworthiness Risk Assessment
    Ensuring that the maintenance department is coordinating efficiency with the flight department to ensure on time performance and that regulations are being followed;
  • Dispatch and Ramp Safety
    Ensuring ramp and hangar procedures are safe and that the SOPs are effective and being followed;

Safety Audits

A Safety Audit conducted by an experienced professional can help improve both the efficiency and safety of a flight or ground operations thereby reducing costs and preventing accidents.