Goulet Aviation Services

Aviation Consultant and Start-Up Specialsit FOR HELICOPTER AND FIXED-WING OPERATIONS


Our Commitment

We believe risk can be managed and minimized to the point where a dedicated aviation company can achieve accident and injury free flight and ground operations on a day-to-day basis. A safety auditor can work with aviation companies to identify potential hazards, but an aviation advisor would also assess the effectiveness of systems and procedures that are established to reduce the risk associated with known hazards and straightforwardly report those efficiencies or deficiencies to the client.

The Critical Link

An experienced and qualified aviation advisor is a critical link between a non-aviation client and their aviation service provider. Having transparency between a client and an aviation company is essential to achieve an accountable safety and quality system. A good aviation advisor knows that it is critical to maintain a professional and trustworthy working relationship with both parties to ensure continuing dialogue and transparency in the relationship. Trust and understanding is fostered through effective communications.

Safety Commitment

The Aviation Industry is committed toward maintaining safe and efficient flight and ground operations. An Aviation Advisor can provide the critical link toward ensuring the highest standards.