helicopter services

  • Sikorsky S76C++ Helicopter
  • Sikorsky S92 Helicopter
  • Agbami FPSO Helideck
  • Sikorsky S92
  • Bell 407 Hellicopter
  • Sikorsky S76C++
  • Sikorsky S76C++
  • Sikorsky S76C++
  • Eurocopter EC155
  • Sikorsky S76C++
  • Sikorsky S92


Helicopter Safety and Efficiency

Helideck Inspections

Your Helideck - Your Location

Helideck Inspections and Offshore Support Vessel Inspections to Annex 14 and CAP 437. Ensuring the safety and suitability of all Helidecks and Crew;

Helicopter Operator Quality & Safety Management

Scheduled Compliance Assessments to ensure your helicopter service provider is complying with OGP and industry standards an Aviation Advisor can be scheduled to conduct programmed assessment reviews and follow up on incident investigation reports.
Continuous Compliance Oversight to ensure your helicopter service provider is complying with OGP and industry standards an Aviation Advisor can be located on site to monitor day-to-day activities and to be available to immediately follow up and report on incidents.
Incident and Accident Investigations to provide independent investigations that will help companies to review procedures and risk mitigations and ensure that the operator has done everything possible to prevent a reoccurrence.
Offshore Helicopter Safety Manual Written by John S Goulet and published by the University of Texas Buy Here!

Helicopter Operator Service Assessment

  • Organizational Structure including management safety and financial commitment, policies, controls, programs, internal audit process, communications, flight following, emergency response plans:
  • Internal Safety Management effectiveness including incident and accident reporting systems, staff selection, recording systems, program outputs, procedures, training;
  • Flight Operations capacity including type and number of suitable aircraft resources, applicability of flight operations manuals, standard operating procedures, flight crew and cabin crew standards, qualifications and scheduling, quality of crew and passenger safety briefings, crew check-list usage, minimum equipment list (MEL) following, records adequacy and accuracy of accident, incident and near miss reporting systems and analysis;
  • Aircraft Maintenance and engineering overview including management quality control process, maintenance manuals, programs, standards, planning and scheduling, quality controls of stores and spares, ADs, manufacturer modifications, deferred maintenance and MEL compliance, weight and balance controls, maintenance records;
  • Training of personnel including selection standards, initial/recurrent/proficiency training, safety program induction and behavioural based HES safety awareness;
  • Goulet Aviation Services will assess the ability of a helicopter service company to provide the level and efficiency of operational service expected of the client.