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An experienced Aviation Advisor can provide a Confidential Operational Assessment on behalf of companies chartering or contracting any air service provider operating seaplane services to remote or new locations. The Aviation Advisor will review the routes and landing areas and assessment these sites for civil aviation, ICAO and aircraft operational compliance.

Maintaining safety margins and reducing risks while 'getting the job done' requires emphasizing safety in the company’s overall planning, decision-making, and resource allocation. One of the best tools for determining the overall ability of any seaplane operator is an independent operational assessment carried out by experts in the field. An Aviation Advisor dedicates many years of hands-on operational expertise and aviation professionalism toward completing this assignment and thereby helping your company to concentrate on the task at hand: producing oil, laying pipelines, mining minerals, or catering to tourists. Once the assessment has been completed, moreover, an Aviation Advisor can help to develop and implement your company's scope of work to ensure you are getting the realistic level of services that your project requires.

Service List

An Operational Assessment will report on:

  • Organizational Structure
    including management safety and financial commitment, policies, controls, programs, internal audit process, communications, flight following, emergency response plans:
  • Internal Safety Management
    effectiveness including reporting systems, staff selection, recording systems, program outputs, procedures, training;
  • Flight Operations
    capacity including type and number of suitable aircraft resources, applicability of flight operations manuals, standard operating procedures, flight crew and cabin crew standards, qualifications and scheduling, quality of crew and passenger safety briefings, crew check-list usage, minimum equipment list (MEL) following, records adequacy and accuracy of accident, incident and near miss reporting systems and analysis;
  • Aircraft Maintenance
    and engineering overview including management quality control process, maintenance manuals, programs, standards, planning and scheduling, quality controls of stores and spares, ADs, manufacturer modifications, deferred maintenance and MEL compliance, weight and balance controls, maintenance records;
  • Training
    of personnel including selection standards, initial/recurrent/proficiency training, safety program induction and behavioural based HES safety awareness;
  • Seaport and Base Facilities
    and support equipment including general safety, fire prevention/contingency plans, hanger maintenance, equipment maintenance programs, environmental and workplace safety practices/regulatory compliance;
  • Ground Operations
    and facilities including communications, ground handling, ramp procedures, ramp safety, surface conditions, foreign object damage control, aircraft rescue and fire fighting services, fueling services and quality control practices; and
  • Aviation Security
    programs including main passenger and cargo facilities, aircraft in-service protection, dispatching, and remote base “self dispatch” procedures.

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Operational Assessments

An Aviation Advisor will assess the ability of the aviation service company to provide the level and efficiency of operational service expected of the client.

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