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Aviation Safety Audits on Behalf of Air Services Providing Onshore, Offshore, and Deep Water Helicopter Operations, and Commuter, Charter, and Seaplane Fixed-Wing Operations to Remote Locations, as well as FBOs, MROs, Executive Jet Operators.

Service List

An Aviation Safety Audit will evaluate and report on all the elements that place
operations and personnel at risk:

  • Helideck Inspections
    and Offshore Support Vessel Inspections to Annex 14 and CAP 437. Ensuring the safety and suitability of all Helidecks and Crew;
  • Airport and FBO Safety
    and Efficiency Evaluation – ensuring the pilots and ground support crew get the most of each airport environment and that they are not exposed to unnecessary risks; ensuring that an FBO is run safely and effectively for both the staff and the FBO clients;
  • Flight Operational Risk Management
    Setting procedures using base line operational data, operational expertise, and careful assessment of incident and safety reports; carrying out risk assessments to ensure the staff are aware of all possible hazards the consequences;
  • Executive Jet Operations
    Safety and Quality Evaluation – ensuring the pilots and ground support crew are not exposed to unnecessary risks; ensuring that your operation is being run safely and according to regulation;
  • Flight Operations Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures
    updating documents to reflect the reality of the operation as well as developing Standard Task Procedures for each step of the day-to-day operation;
  • Airworthiness Risk Assessment
    Ensuring that the maintenance department is coordinating efficiency with the flight department to ensure on time performance and that regulations are being followed;
  • Dispatch and Ramp Safety
    Ensuring ramp and hangar procedures are safe and that the SOPs are effective and being followed;



Aviation Safety Audits

An Aviation Safety Audit conducted by an experienced professional can help improve both the efficiency and safety of a flight or ground operations thereby reducing costs and preventing accidents.

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