Goulet Aviation Services

Aviation Consultant and Start-Up Specialist FOR HELICOPTER AND SEAPLANE OPERATIONS


Goulet Aviation Services Provided

  • Operational Start Up Management (Start Up Specialist)
  • Financial Business Plan including cost of aircraft and operations
  • Project Management Plan for purchasing and operation new aircraft
  • Finance and Insurance Negotiations and Recommendations
  • Entry to Service Contract Negotiations and Recommendations
  • Service Provider Assessment for Rotory Wing and Fixed Wing
  • Gap Analysis between actual Operations, best practices and client expectations
  • Oil & Gas Aviation Service (OGP) Contracts - Expert Advice on How to Prepare Bids
  • Offshore Helicopter Operations - Assessment of best practices for
  • Helideck Inspections based on ICAO Annex 14 and CAP 437 standards
  • Return to Service or new to service assessments for offshore support vessel helidecks
  • Evaluation of an aircraft operator for suitability to provide aviation services
  • Mediation between the client and their aviation service provider
  • Safety Audit and/or assessment of aviation service providers
  • Risk Management reports utilizing incident and hazard reporting systems
  • Contingency Plans for aviation accidents and incidents
  • Flight Operations Compliance and efficiency assessments
  • Accident and Incident Investigations
  • Contract Compliance assessments
  • Operational Assessments to gauge the efficiency of your aviation department
  • At Risk Behavior workshops based on analyzing actual accident reports
  • Behavioral Based Safety Management Systems Implementation
  • Aviation Language Proficiency Rating and Training



    Service Commitment

    "The services we offer are based on the many years of specialized training and on-the-job experience that it takes to identify and mitigate the risks involved in managing an aviation company."

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