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Captain John Goulet's Background

Captain John S Goulet

John first soloed in 1974 after 3:45 hours of flight training and was awarded his private pilot license on the family Citabia after only 35 hours total time. During the check ride the Transport Canada examiner asked him if they could do a "spin" and John proceeded to complete a two and a half turn spin in each direction.
A year later he passed his commercial flight test after exactly 20 hours of instructor time at the Winnipeg Flying Club - the minimum instruction time allowed.

Over the next 45 years Captain Goulet accumulated over 18,000 hours of flying experience holding pilot licenses and/or authorizations in 12 different countries and designated flight examiner (TRE) in 5 countries. In order to better understand and control flight operations from the ground up John went back to the Winnipeg Flying School in 1979 to obtain his Instructor Rating which he has used diligently to set up and control company flight operations and standard operating procedures. "It is an easier transition from TRE to Chief Pilot, to Operations Manager and eventually Managing Director of the companies you work for when you write your own manuals and know your flight operations inside and out."

John's interest in management grew along with his involvement in the adventure of bush flying into remote regions. He felt very strongly that one did not need to compromise safety even in regions devoid of govenmental oversight. John worked with companies who wanted the ability to operate safely and efficiently in remote areas and so becoming the expert at setting up, maintaining and operating modern and efficient air services in places such as Northern Canada, Fiji, Nigeria, Venezuela, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Chad, Indonesia, Seychelles, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan and the Maldives.

More than just a pilot John also published the second ever aviation web site to appear on the world wide web. He believed that a web site should not just provide links and advertisements but should provide useful content to the user. Virtual Horizons was one of the first ever content driven ezines published on the www and is still active and running today without sponsorship or advertising.

The passion for travelling and adventure also goes hand in hand with John's passion for writing and photography. A small fraction of his over 80,000 edited online images can be seen on his web site John Goulet Photography. He has sold images to publications such as Canadian Aviation, Forbes Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller, Rotor & Wing and others. Some of his stories and articles can be found on his ezine Virtual Horizons or on his Pilot Blog Book. Additionally all the images posted on this web site were taken by John S Goulet on work sites around the world.

Courses, Accomplishments and Training

  • 1974 - Transport Canada Private Pilot and Seaplane License.
  • 1975 - Transport Canada Commercial Pilot License.
  • 1986 - First ever pilot to land a seaplane in 300 new locations in the Niger River Delta Nigeria.
  • 1991 - Air Transport Pilot License and Multi-Engine IFR.
  • 1991 - Set up the first ever Cessna C208 Caravan single pilot IFR operation.
  • 1996 - Published one of the first ever aviation web sites on the internet and has written and published many aviation and safety related articles.
  • 1997 - First ever pilot to land a seaplane in 20 locations in the Orinoco Delta Venezuela.
  • 1998 - Instrument Check Pilot and Examiner Course (Transport Canada Approved).
  • 2001 - First ever pilot to land a seaplane in 17 new locations in the Maldives.
  • 2002 - First ever pilot to land an aircraft in the Rinjani Volcano on Lombok Island Indonesia.
  • 2002 - First ever pilot to land a seaplane in the Lagoon of Komodo Island Indonesia.
  • 2002 - Achieved PADI Advanced Open Water Diving Certificate on Bali Island Indonesia.
  • 2003 - Achieved 30 flights and Novice Certification for Paragliding on Bali Island Indonesia.
  • 2006 - Published Book of Poetry at University of Manitoba "Woodsmoke & Perfume". (Second edition rereleased in 2013.)
  • 2007 - Co-wrote and Co-edited an offshore helicopter safety book published through the University of Texas, titled Helicopter Safety, currently used as a text book for the Rotary Drilling Series for Offshore Oil workers.Offshore Helicopter Safety Manual Written by John S Goulet and published by the University of Texas at Austin Buy Here!
  • 2008 - Commercial Helicopter License - Bristow Academy.
  • 2008 - Helideck Certification Agency - Helideck Inspection Procedures Certification Course.
  • 2008 - Completed the IATA Aviation Safety Management Diploma including courses: Safety Management Systems, Quality Management, Ground Operations Safety Auditor and Aviation Internal Auditor.
  • 2008 - Completed Certification for ICAO Aviation Language Proficiency Assessor at Oxford Aviation Academy.
  • 2008 - Published 3 Articles in Travel Book "Compass Companions".
  • 2009 - Presented for the CHC Safety and Quality Summit on Implementation of Behavior Based Safety Management Systems.
  • 2011 - Aircraft Accident Investigator Course Completed at CHC Safety and Quality Summit.
  • 2012 - Bell 206 Helicopter Rating Course Completed at the Bristow Academy in Florida.
  • 2012 - Advanced Helicopter Operator Management Course Conducted by Conklin de Decker.
  • 2012 - City University London Post Graduate (School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences).
      - Safety Management Tools & Methods
      - Developing a Business Plan
  • 2013 - Captain John S Goulet's Book of Poetry: 2nd Edition - Woodsmoke & Perfume
        - Adventures in the South Pacific, Africa and South America! Buy Here!
  • 2016 - Renewed FAA Pilot Certificate by writing Commercial and IFR Exams.
  • 2018 - Completed Certification Course - Project Management Institute
  • 2020 - Completed and Issued Transport Canada Advanced Drone licence.Drone Advance Drone Pilot Certificate


    Aviation Advisor

    "I believe a well rounded and sensible Aviation Advisor will have a wide range of experience, training, and knowledge that goes far beyond just having a flying or fixing background. It takes conscience effort, careful career planning and courage to gain the kind of experience that a truly professional air transport consultant needs to be valuable to any company willing to take him or her on."

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