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Executve Jet Experience and Connections

I have worked Internationally for over 35 years and have seen the aviation industry change dramatically during that period. The biggest change has been the number and scale of executive jets being operated internationally. When I put together the business plan for the first FBO in Nigeria I did not fathom the reasons for the dynamic shift in jet ownership, but I did anticipate and predict the need.

In the process I helped develop the tools and procedures needed to operate and regularize foreign registered aircraft coming into the country. Right from legitimizing foreign registered aircraft to operate (privately in Nigeria) without the onerous flight-by-flight authorizations, to setting up flight dispatch operations that assist foreign companies coming into foreign airspace without airspace management or air traffic control hassles, to setting up the first EASA authorized workshop for line maintenance. Additionally, I consulted for many of the European companies and assisted them in seamlessly managing their VVIP and High Net Worth Individual clients wanting to operate in African airspace.

Every aircraft acquisition is different and every principle or HNWI has different motives and expectations for their private or corporate jet assets and so no one advisor or manager can come up with the optimum solution. The best advisor will find the right mix of expertise to make your acquisition and entry to service and day-to-day operations seamless and efficient. Start with someone who knows the country of operations and knows the players who can provide the best services for the expectations of the end user. I do not provide Aircraft Management Services but I can help jet owners find experienced and capable management companies and I can help management companies do a better job in Nigeria for your clients.

Executive Jet Start-up Services

  • Operational Start-Up Management (Start-Up Specialist)
  • Financial Business Plan including cost of aircraft and operations
  • Project Management Plan for purchasing and operation new aircraft
  • Finance and Insurance Negotiations and Recommendations
  • Entry to Service Contract Negotiations and Recommendations
  • Entry to Service Migration from foreign to local provider
  • Aircraft Management Services Negotiations and Recommendations
  • Operational Oversight of Aircraft Management Service Companies
  • Maintenance and Airworthiness Recommendations
  • Dispatch Services National and International
  • Ground Handling Services Recommendations and Arrangments
  • Evaluation of an aircraft operator or management company to provide services
  • Mediation between the client and their aviation management provider
  • Safety Assessment and/or Audit of aviation management providers
  • Risk Management reports utilizing incident and hazard reporting systems
  • Contingency Plans for aviation accidents, incidents or AOGs
  • Flight Operations Compliance and efficiency assessments
  • Contract Compliance assessments
  • Operational Assessments to gauge the efficiency of your aviation department
  • Flight Crew Solutions including recommendations for accomodations, visas, and health
  • Transition Nigerian Registration from Foreign Registration
  • Transition to Commercial Category from Private Category in Nigeria
  • Aviation Language Proficiency Rating and Training for Foreign Flight Crew

    The Critical Link

    An experienced and qualified aviation advisor with knowledge about the country of operations, the regulatory body and the knowhow of managing assets day-to-day is critical to safe and efficient flight operations into remote areas - even for private and executive jet owners and operators. Especially for private and executive jet owners.



    On the Ground - World Wide

    Many European or American companies will claim that they are experts in handling or managing executive jets operating into remote regions, such as Africa or Asia, but most of the experts have never been to these locations or at best come in for 1-2 day visits. But I have been on ground with the kind of world wide expertise that can really make the difference with everything you need to operate a private and/or corporate jet into Africa or Asia.

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