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Captain John Goulet's Resume

Captain John Goulet has worked for major companies such as Air BC, Willbros International, Pan African Airlines, Aero Contractors, Newmont Mines, Travira Air, LTA Venezuela, Trans Maldivian Airways, Six Senses Resorts, Air Hotel, Aviation Management Systems Pte, Air Logistics, Bristow Helicopters, Chevron Nigeria, STAR Deepwater, Caverton Helicopters and Evergreen Apple Nigeria and has consulted for companies such as Blueway Offshore, Dancopter, CHC, Shell Oil, Ocean Energy, Transocean, Heliunion, Heliportugal, Air Juan, Villa Air, Setouchi Holdings and many other diverse worldwide companies.

In many cases John has been recruited specifically to hold managerial positions such as Managing Director in Pan African Airlines, Aviation Advisor of STAR Deep Water, CEO/Managing Director of Caverton Helicopters, Managing Director of EAN Aviation, Quits Aviation and Sky Atoll in order to bear more weight in implementing changes or starting new operations quicker and more efficiently.

Consequently, John has worked extensively within the Oil & Gas Industry in Nigeria. During this time John has gained invaluable experience not only working and managing the operational and logistical support for large helicopter and aircraft contracts but has also tasked with writing contracts and bidding contracts from both sides of the client / contractor "Supply Chain Management" relationship. Nigeria has a very strict tendering process controlled by a government agency named NAPIMS and so knowing the contract management system and how it works has helped enormously in both writing and vetting contracts (on behalf of Chevron and NAPIMS) and tendering winning contracts (Total and Shell) for clients. Currently John has worked on the last five of the significant helicopter contracts awarded in Nigeria.

For Chevron (Star Deepwater) and on behalf of the Chevron Supply Chain management, John organized the offshore logistics for bringing into Nigeria the largest and Chevron's first ever deep water FPSO, including writing and tendering the deep water helicopter support contract that was eventually won by Bristow Helicopters. As part of this responsibility John worked as the committee head for organizing and writing the offshore SAR procedures for Chevron, Shell, Total and Exxon/Mobil which was approved, implemented, is still fully operational.

During his tenure as CEO of Caverton Helicopters John was instrumental in organizing, negotiating, bidding and winning the largest offshore helicopter contract ever awarded in Nigeria for Shell Oil making Caverton the first national company to win any helicopter service contract in Nigeria.

John was tasked by the Director of Civil Aviation Authority of Nigeria with developing a business plan for a partially completed and empty hangar in Lagos Nigeria resulting in the successful start up of the "First of its Kind" FBO in Nigeria. Exploiting a unique and at the time completely undeveloped niche market, John provided step by step guidance for the owners on how to present exclusive VIP FBO handling services to private and corporate jet owners. To further service clients EAN Aviation opened and manage a fully licensed dispatch office, VIP lounge, and maintenance workshop.

Positions Held

Goulet Aviation Services Ltd (Canada)     Jan 2001 - Present
Founder and President providing operational consulting for new seaplane operations as well as ferrying C208B-EX and Kodiak 100 aircraft worldwide.

Sky Atoll (Maldives)-Setouchi Holdings (Japan)     Feb 2016 - Sept 2018
Managing Director responsible for developing and implementing the business plan and AOC operational requirements for a new seaplane operation using the Quest Kodiak 100.

Air Juan (Philippines)     April 2014 - May 2017
Seaplane Operations Manager responsible for developing and implementing the business plan and AOC operational requirements for a new amphibian seaplane operation using the new C208B-EX.

Villa Air (Maldives)     Sept 2013 - Mar 2014
Seaplane Training Captain responsible for developing and implementing the AOC operational requirements for a new seaplane operation.

Quits Aviation (Nigeria)     Nov 2013 - Mar 2014
Managing Director responsible for developing and implementing the business plan and AOC operational requirements for a new FBO and Executive Jet operation.

EAN Aviation (Lagos Nigeria)     June 2011 - May 2013
Managing Director Responsible for developing and implementing the business plan for an empty hangar that resulted in the successful start up of the "First of its Kind" FBO in Nigeria.
The EAN Hangar Jet Center provides exclusive VIP services to private and corporate jet owners including professional advice on purchasing, financing, insuring and managing and securing their aircraft. To further service our clients we opened and manage a fully licensed dispatch office, VIP lounge, and maintenance workshop. In this position I negotiated contracts with companies such as VistaJet, Universal Weather, JetEx, World Fuel, MCM (Maintenance Center Munich Germany), Shell Aircraft International, Nestoil Nigeria, and NetJets Europe. In conjunction the company applied for and was awarded an AMO and an Air Transport License to commence commercial aircraft operations in Nigeria.

United Helicopter Services (Lisbon Portugal)     June 2010 - May 2011
Aviation Advisor Helicopter Operations Responsible for implementing a sound and workable Safety & Quality Management System for the consortium of Heliportugal and Helisuporte in an effort to prepare these companies for working offshore on OGP contracts worldwide. In the capacity of the Safety and Quality Assessor and Consultant I audited their maintenance services and prepared comprehensive reports and recommendations on improving their quality assurance programs as well as improving their maintenance procedures with the result they have been OGP approved.

CEO / MD Caverton Helicopters (Nigeria)     Aug 2009 - May 2010
Accountable Manager of Helicopter & Fixed Wing Operations
Responsible for Finance, Administration, Quality Assurance, Safety Management, Security, Engineering and Flight Operations out of Lagos and Port Harcourt. I was contracted to take over a helicopter company that had spent 6 years attempting to be officially recognized by a major oil company and was yet to win a contract to provide offshore helicopter services.

My main focus was to change the safety standards and procedures of their day-to-day helicopter and fixed-wing operations and to make these changes visible to the aviation and contract experts of the major companies in Nigeria, such as Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, Total and Agip. At the same time, I negotiated and signed contracts with Heliunion, Dancopter, Zimex, AMS and CHC in order to place Caverton into strong technical relationships that allowed the company to be recognized by the IOC majors. I then put together the financial business plan, assembled an experienced team of technical, operational, quality and security experts that worked with me so could bid aggressively on the two major contracts that were up for tender. As a result within 9 months both Total and Shell awarded long term contracts to Caverton Helicopters.

Safety & Quality Auditor Caverton Helicopters (Nigeria)     April 2009 - July 2009
Safety & Quality Auditor of Helicopter & Fixed Wing Operations
I was contracted to provide a quality assessment of the current maintenance and operational capability for Caverton to be able to bid on and provide services for International OGP companies.

Previous Positions:

Chevron Deepwater Nigeria     Feb 2006 - April 2009
Deep Water Aviation Advisor and Safety Auditor for Helicopter Operations Nigeria
Responsible for determining and developing the ongoing business plans and technical requirements for the helicopter contracts that service the Agbami Deep Water Field. Additionally I was tasked with completing numerous Safety & Quality Audits on the engineering and flight operations of aviation service providers in Nigeria. In this capacity I worked closely with the management of CHC, Aero Contractors, Pan African Airlines and Bristow Helicopters, and with NNPC, NAPIMS, and the NCD to develop and award the Chevron (STAR) Deep Water Helicopter contracts.

I also managed the day-to-day on-going helicopter operation that serviced the Agbami FPSO, deep water drill rigs, service vessels, and sub-sea installation ships. In this position I budgeted and awarded multiple temporary contracts for S76C++ and AS365-N3 helicopters. My position was not only responsible for logistical support but for the safety, security and operational efficiency of the operation. I audited all the deep water service partners for compliance with API, OGP, CAP 437 and Chevron Corporate policy. As part of this responsibility I worked as the committee head for organizing and writing the offshore SAR procedures for Chevron, Shell, Total and Exxon Mobil which was approved, implemented, is still fully operational. The FPSO has been commissioned and is now producing whereas the long term crew change helicopter contract was awarded to Bristow Helicopters Nigeria using Sikorsky S92s.

Pan African Airlines (Bristow Group)     Jan 2005 - Jan 2006
Managing Director (Acting) Helicopter & Fixed Wing Operations
Responsible for Finance, Administration, Engineering and Flight Operations of Lagos, Escravos, and Port Harcourt Helicopter and Fixed Wing Business Unit, and approved as Accountable Manager by the NCAA. Focus was on meeting the safety standards and operational excellence expected of the company by the main client Chevron Nigeria. Objective was to implement a Quality Management System into the Engineering Department and to develop and implement an overall Safety Management System that would become visible in the day-to-day operations of the company. I negotiated and won several financially viable helicopter contracts with Chevron and by being fiscally responsible, working closely with the national unions, controlling the governmental contracts (such as NEPA and the Presidential Helicopter) and by bringing in new clients I was also able to turn the company around financially and show a profit for the first time in six years.

Pan African Airlines (Air Logistics)     June 2004 - Dec 2004
Logistics & Engineering Manager Helicopter & Fixed Wing Operations
Responsible for managing the Helicopter and Fixed Wing Engineering and Flight Operations out of the Lagos, Escravos, and Port Harcourt Bases. The company was about to lose a contract they had held for over 35 years after failing two audits in 2003, suffering a fatal accident in 2004, and failing a third audit shortly after the accident. I was hired specifically by the parent company, Air Logistics in Louisiana, to reorganize the company and improve the operational efficiency and safety culture of the logistics, supply chain, engineering and flight departments.
In order to change the culture I developed a unique Quality and Safety Management System that enabled the staff to understand the importance of safety and accountability as a way of doing business and to embrace audits as a means to encourage and manage required changes. In fostering a safety culture the focus was to convince the management and staff to believe in the importance of using Safety Management on a daily basis. I was able to completely turn the company around so that after a 2006 audit of Bristow Helicopters, Aero Contractors (CHC), Pan African Airlines, and Caverton Helicopters Chevron declared Pan African Airlines the best run and safest helicopter operator in Nigeria. Pan African Airlines still holds the Chevron contract in 2013.

Travira Air Indonesia      June 2002 - May 2004
Project & Engineer Manager (Pilot-In-Charge of Operations)
Newmont Gold Mine Fixed Wing & Helicopter Operations
I put together the business plan that enable Travira to bid on and win a major ongoing contract with the American gold mine company Newmont Mines. Once awarded I planned and implemented new flight and engineering operation from the ground up including designing the fixed wing ramp, heliport facilities, hanger, and passenger terminal, and writing and instructing SOP's and the "5 Star" Safety Management System as well as training pilots and maintaining direct liaison with client. The Newmont Mines hanger and flight operations passed two IATA audits while under my supervision. The contract is ongoing and one of the key elements to the success was modernizing the passenger handling using computerized online booking systems. Travira Air still holds the Newmont Mines contract in 2013.

Previous Employers:

Pan African Airways Nigeria     Feb 2000 - May 2002
Safety Officer Pilot Chevron Contract
Twin Otter Pilot on the Willbros Contract for Schriener Airways in Chad and Cameroun.

Hummingbird Island Airways Maldives      Feb 1998 - Jan 2000
Flight Operations & Engineering Manager Helicopter & Fixed Wing
Fixed Wing Chief Pilot and Training Captain
I planned, budgeted and set up a totally new flight operation for fixed wing aircraft to take over from the existing helicopters. We started with six Cessna Caravan amphibians which I set up to provide economic charter and sight-seeing flights during a period when the Maldivian government was expanding the number of outer islands that were approved for tourist development. When the flight support contracts were awarded we won 11 of the 12 contracts. We went from handling 40 passengers a day when I joined the company to handling up to 700 passengers a day when I left. The company is still operating under the new name of Trans Maldivian Airlines in 2013.

Pan African Airways Nigeria      Jan 1992 - Jan 1998
Project Manager Helicopter and Fixed Wing Chevron Contract
Training Captain
Operations & Engineering Manager & Chief Pilot Fixed Wing.
In this position I put together a business plan bring in new contracts with Julius Berger, Willbros, ETPM, McDermott, Nissco Bouygues, Addax and Santa Fe Drilling in support of construction projects in Bonny, Forcados, Escravos, Brass and Eket. I brought in the first new Cessna Caravan Amphibious aircraft and Bell 206L4 Helicopters into the Chevron operation toward the goal of modernizing the fleet. I also planned, coordinated and flew Chevron's 24 hour medical evacuation service throughout this period which covered the entire Niger Delta region. Chevron Nigeria is still using the Cessna Caravan in 2013.

Willbros International Ltd Nigeria     Jan 1986 - Dec 1991
Pipeline and Dredging Support
Company Pilot
I set up and operated a flight operation for a company that worked as the primary oil service contractor for Shell, Chevron, & Agip. As the company pilot I was responsible for the complete support for ongoing dredging operations, pipeline laying, flow station fabrication and many other oil and gas related services throughout the Niger River Delta.

Remote Operations

For over 40 years, Captain John Goulet has specialized in setting up and managing flight services into the Remote Regions of the World. Bush pilots traditionally flew trappers, loggers, commercial fishermen, diamond drillers and oil workers into the northern bush, high arctic or tropical rainforests. Today’s seaplane or helicopter pilots fly high-value clients to remote lakes and rivers for sport angling or hunting, to the protected waters of ocean reefs for open water diving, to white-sand beaches of tropical islands to enjoy luxury resorts or to the oceans’ hidden bays or fiords to board previously positioned private yachts.

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    Safety Focus

    "My main focus has been to change the safety standards and procedures of the Operator's day-to-day helicopter and fixed-wing operations and to make these changes visible to the aviation subject matter experts of both the authorites and the discerning clients such as Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, Total and Agip."

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